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Growing up in a smaller area,

Brunch was not a popular occurrence. It only took a single experience to know that this would quickly become a favorite past time. After relocating to the big city of Dallas, I was able to see brunch in a way that I never expected and this helped enhance my foodie nature. It was not simply a combination meal between breakfast and dinner, but a community of people that enjoyed a variety of dining without limitations. The great thing about brunch is that since it is in a little bit of a gray area for meal-time, it allows one to be flexible with the menu. It does not matter if you are looking for some kind of fancy chef creation or a mom & pop hole in the wall establishment, there is a brunch-style for everyone.

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Brunch Empire blends fun & fashion with the brunch time experience. Our goal is to create an inclusive brunch community and to help you stand out while having brunch on the town!

Like many others,

During my time in quarantine, I used the time for retrospection. During this retrospection, I would always think fondly on my brunch-time experiences and the culture one becomes a part of in that community. I thought what better way to express being part of a community than through fashion. Brunch Empire is here to make sure you arrive in style. Our superior style is tailored to the inclusive brunching community, and will help you get the most out of your dining experience!